Proposed Browse to North West Shelf Project & Northwest Shelf Project Extension

In response to the EPA Public Environmental Review of Woodside’s proposed Browse to North West Shelf Project & Northwest Shelf Project Extension, Hugh Finn in consultation with and on behalf of the Beeliar Group developed a submission. The proposed offshore LNG development spans State and Commonwealth jurisdictions and involves up to 24 subsea wells and associated LNG infrastructure, including floating production, storage and offloading facilities and a 900-kilometre pipeline. The Beeliar Group proposes that the State and Commonwealth decision-making authorities should find that:

  • the two proposals will contribute to climate change; and
  • the effects of that climate change will have significant impacts on the matters protected under the EP Act (the ‘environment’ of the State) and under the EPBC Act (the matters of national environmental significance for the four controlling provisions for the Browse to North West Shelf Project action).

Accordingly, the State and Commonwealth decision-making authorities should:

  • refuse approval for the two proposals; or
  • grant approval but impose substantive conditions on GHG emissions.

By “substantive” we mean avoidance, reduction, and/or offset measures that will result in much lower Scope 1 GHG emissions from the two projects than Woodside and the joint venture partners currently proposes.

The full Beeliar Group submission is available here.

WA Native Vegetation management consultation

In response to the invitation to comment on a proposed initiatives to better manage Western Australia’s native vegetation, John Bailey in consultation with and on behalf of the Beeliar Group developed a response and recommendations. The TBG submission is available here.

Environmental Protection Act 1986 amendments consultation

In response to the invitation to comment on proposed amendments to the Environmental Protection Act, Philip Jennings, Patricia Harris and John Bailey, in consultation with and on behalf of the Beeliar Group developed a response and position paper, which were submitted on 28th January 2020. The TBG recommendations entail:

  • Validating and extending the objects and principles of the Act;
  • Strengthening the independence and functioning of the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA);
  • Protecting key Environmental Protection Policies (EPPs);
  • Strengthening Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA);
  • Rectifying weaknesses in the monitoring and appeals processes currently associated with the EP Act; and
  • Developing a legislative basis for State of the Environment Reporting

Click on the links for the submission and position paper.

Zero Carbon Act

On 22 November 2019, Beeliar Group member Dr Hugh Finn sent this letter on behalf of 54 signatories to the Premier of Western Australia and other recipients indicated in the letter, urging the implementation of a Zero Carbon Act in WA. The letter was also sent to the Federal Minister for Energy and Emissions via the Department of Environment and Energy web portal for communications to the Minister. The letter had

Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan

Following the formation of the McGowan government in March 2017, the Beeliar Group resolved to raise the issue of the Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan, which, as currently constituted, is seen to present a serious risk to the conversation estate in one of world’s significant biodiversity hotspots, reducing it by around 90,000 ha. Professor Jennings composed a letter to the Premier, which was then signed by seven of our experts. The text can be found here.

Senate Inquiry into the Possible Breaches of Environmental Conditions (Roe 8)

On February 16, 2017, the Senate supported Scott Ludlam’s motion for an inquiry into the possible breaches of environmental conditions at Beeliar Wetlands consequent on the construction of Roe 8. Speaking to the motion, Senator Ludlam said “at the federal level the government has repeatedly ignored due process and transparency, leaving no recourse but an inquiry into these breaches”. On the 6th March 2017 the results of the inquiry were released in the report available here.

The Environment and Communications References Committee held a hearing in Perth on February 23rd. Three members of the Beeliar Group—Professor Richard Hobbs, Dr Hugh Finn and Professor John Bailey—gave evidence to the Inquiry. Witten submissions were also provided by Richard Hobbs, Hugh Finn, Professor Philip Jennings and the co-conveners of the Beeliar Group, Professor Patricia Harris and Professor Bruce Armstrong. These are all available below: